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Introducing our "Laundry Time" sticker sheet, a serene addition to our Homecare collection that celebrates the beauty of a calm and peaceful laundry routine. Cutie can be seen as engaged in various tasks, from sorting clothes to operating the washing machine, with a sense of tranquility and grace.


Let Cutie's calm demeanor and peaceful energy guide you through your laundry tasks, turning a mundane chore into a moment of relaxation and self-care.


Embrace the soothing vibes and let these stickers accompany you on your laundry tasks.

Experience the joy of a peaceful laundry routine with our "Laundry Time" sticker sheet. Let Cutie's serene presence and tranquil illustrations transform your laundry experience into a moment of mindfulness and relaxation.


Homecare: Laundry Time

SKU: 180423062410
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