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Introducing our "Literary Adventures" sticker sheet, a delightful addition to any book lover's collection. Dive into the enchanting world of fiction, explore the realms of non-fiction, unravel thrilling mysteries, experience heartwarming romances, embark on thrilling sci-fi adventures, and delve into the depths of horror. Each sticker features a genre-specific book with Cutie as your literary companion.


These stickers not only celebrate the magic of different book genres but also provide a space for you to record the titles of your favorite reads within each category. Personalise your journal, planner, or reading log by writing down the book titles that have captivated your imagination.


Let Cutie and our "Literary Adventures" stickers inspire you to discover new authors, embark on exciting reading journeys, and create a visual library of your reading preferences. Bring your love for books to life with these charming and customisable stickers that celebrate the joy of reading across various genres.

Reading Nook: Literary Adventures

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