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Introducing our "Mask Me Time" sticker sheet, a delightful addition to our Inner Wellness collection that celebrates the blissful moments of self-pampering and rejuvenation. 


These endearing stickers feature Cutie indulging in a relaxing make-me time, enveloping herself in self-care and tranquility. From sheet masks to clay masks, these stickers capture the essence of treating your skin with a nourishing and revitalizing experience.


Decorate your journal or planner with these captivating visuals to infuse your daily life with reminders of self-love and self-care. Let Cutie's serene expressions and mask-wearing moments serve as a gentle invitation to prioritise your well-being and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a dedicated mask-me time.


Immerse yourself in the world of self-care and pampering as you incorporate these stickers into your self-care rituals. Use them as delightful prompts to remind yourself of the importance of self-indulgence and relaxation. With Cutie by your side, embrace the tranquility of a mask me time and let these stickers inspire you to create your own serene oasis of self-care.

Inner wellness: Mask-me Time

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