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Introducing our "Curious Queries" stickers, designed to spark curiosity and ignite a sense of inquiry in the workplace. Featuring our very own curious Cutie herself, these stickers capture the essence of being inquisitive and seeking answers to intriguing questions.


Each sheet in this collection showcases a variety of thought-provoking stickers, symbolising Cutie's curiosity and eagerness to explore. Stick them on your planner, notebook, or workspace to foster a sense of curiosity and inspire a mindset of continuous learning and problem-solving. They serve as a visual reminder to embrace curiosity, ask insightful questions, and seek innovative solutions.


Embrace the spirit of inquiry with our "Curious Queries" stickers and let Cutie's quest for knowledge motivate and inspire you in your work. Embrace the power of curiosity and unleash your potential for growth and innovation with these captivating stickers by your side.

Office Moods: Curious Queries

SKU: 180423062525
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