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Introducing our "Office Fatigue" Sticker Sheets, capturing the tiredness and frustration of a some of those days at work. Featuring Cutie, our endearing character, these stickers depict relatable moments of exhaustion and weariness at our workstation. Stick them on your planner, notebook, or workspace to validate and express the ups and downs of your work life.


They serve as a visual reminder that you're not alone in experiencing the challenges and frustrations of the workplace. 


Embrace the relatability of our "Office Fatigue" Sticker Sheets. Let Cutie's tired expressions and frustrated gestures validate your own fatigue and provide a lighthearted way to navigate and cope with the common experiences of office fatigue. Stick, share, and find solace in the understanding that we all face those draining workdays together.

Office Moods: Office Fatigue

SKU: 180423062522
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