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Introducing our "Overworked Zombie" stickers, where Cutie embodies the exhaustion and weariness that can accompany long hours of work. These stickers capture the essence of pushing through fatigue and the toll it takes on our well-being.


Each sheet in this collection showcases a range of relatable stickers, depicting Cutie looking like a tired zombie behind her laptop. Stick them on your planner, notebook, or workspace to express your own experiences of overwork and to create a sense of solidarity with others.


Thesel stickers serve as a visual reminder of the demanding nature of work. They provide a way to acknowledge the challenges of long hours and the importance of self-care.


Embrace the reality of "Overworked Zombie" with these expressive stickers by your side. Let Cutie's tired zombie appearance validate your own experiences and serve as a reminder to prioritize self-care amidst the hustle and bustle of professional life.

Office Moods: Overworked Zombie

SKU: 180423062529
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