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Introducing our "Snooze Mode Activated" stickers, where Cutie is having one of her snoozing moments while at work. These stickers capture the relatable scenes of daydreaming and finding moments of rest amidst the demands of the workplace.


Stick them on your planner, notebook, or workspace to add a touch of humor and playfulness to your surroundings. They serve as a gentle reminder that even in the busiest of days, finding small moments of rest can be rejuvenating and essential for productivity.


Embrace the delightful whimsy of our "Snooze Mode Activated" stickers. Let Cutie's sleepy expressions bring a smile to your face and provide a playful way to acknowledge the need for a brief escape from the daily grind. 

Office Moods: Snooze Mode Activated

SKU: 180423062527
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