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Introducing our "Bookworm's Companion" sticker sheet, a delightful addition to our Reading Nook collection.


Join Cutie on a journey of literary exploration as she immerses herself in the world of books. These stickers feature Cutie with an open book, ready to capture the essence of your reading adventures. The best part? You can personalize the book by writing in the title of the book you're currently reading, making it a unique reflection of your literary taste.


Decorate your journal or planner with these charming visuals, and let them serve as a gentle reminder to prioritise the joy of reading and self-reflection. Capture the magic of each chapter, each word, and each moment of inspiration as you dive into the world of literature.


With the "Bookworm's Companion" stickers, you can celebrate the beauty of storytelling and embrace the power of imagination. Whether you're a passionate reader, a book lover, or simply enjoy the company of a good book, let these stickers be a companion on your literary journey, inspiring you to explore new worlds and cherish the magic of reading.

Reading Nook: Bookworm's Companion

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