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Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our "Self-Love Companion" sticker sheet from our Self-care Sanctuary collection. These endearing stickers of Cutie and her book titled 'Self Love' symbolises the profound importance of nurturing oneself. 


Decorate your journal or planner with these captivating visuals to infuse your daily life with reminders of self-love and self-care. Let Cutie's embrace of the "Self Love" book serve as a gentle invitation to prioritize your personal growth, self-reflection, and emotional well-being.


Each sticker holds the potential to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your worth, inner strength, and the radiant beauty that resides within. Decorate your pages with these heartfelt symbols of self-love, transforming your journal into a sanctuary of personal exploration and healing.


Embrace the transformative journey of self-love as you incorporate these stickers into your journal or planner. Use them as prompts for self-reflection, gratitude, or affirmation, allowing Cutie's presence to inspire and uplift you on your path to self-discovery.

Inner Wellness: Self-Love Companion

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