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Introducing our "Soothing Slumber" sticker sheet, a delightful addition to our Inner Wellness collection. These endearing stickers of Cutie blissfully sleeping with her cozy blanket capture the essence of deep relaxation and rejuvenating rest.


Decorate your journal, planner, or any surface with these adorable visuals to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Let these stickers serve as a gentle reminder to prioritise quality sleep and self-care.


Embrace the soothing power of a restful slumber as you incorporate these stickers into your daily routine. Use them as a symbol of tranquility and a prompt for self-reflection or gratitude. Let Cutie's peaceful sleep inspire you to create a peaceful and nurturing environment for your own restful nights.

Inner Wellness: Soothing Sleep

SKU: 180423062509
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