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Introducing our charming "Spring Smiles" Sticky Notes Collection, featuring Cutie's adorable smiling head on each note. Bring a touch of joy and cheerfulness to your daily reminders and tasks with these delightful sticky notes.


Each sticky note in this collection showcases Cutie's smiling face, adding a burst of positivity to your workspace or personal notes. Whether you're jotting down important to-do lists, leaving thoughtful messages, or simply brightening up your surroundings, these spring-themed sticky notes are the perfect companion.



Each sticker features Cutie's smiling head and comes in two refreshing spring colors: vibrant Grass Green and Yellow. Stay organised and infuse your notes with the joyful spirit of spring using these charming sticky notes. Whether you're jotting down tasks, reminders, or happy thoughts, these stickers will bring a smile to your face and a burst of springtime cheer to your workspace.


Let Cutie's infectious smile inspire you and make your day a little brighter. The "Springtime Smiles" Sticky Note Collection is a must-have for any stationery lover or Cutie fan looking to add a touch of whimsy and positivity to their everyday life.


Grab your set of "Spring Smiles" sticky notes and let Cutie accompany you through your daily tasks with a sunny disposition and a reminder that even the smallest notes can bring big smiles.


Our "Spring Smiles" Sticky Notes Collection comes in two versions: the grid version and the plain version, allowing you to choose the format that suits your needs best. This is the plain version

Sticky notes: Springtime Smiles(Plain)

SKU: 180423062515
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